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22 Apr '16

The Arab Mind - Book Summary By Raphael Patai, 466 pages

Publicado por Nosheen Z en The Arab Mind - Book Summary

This book is an analysis of the Arab psyche and their character. The book explains the Arabic language, their history and their habits to describe why Arabs are the way they are. It discusses Islam as the main binding factor for the Arabs and how it binds the Muslim world in general. The relationship of the Arabian people and their perceptions of non-Arabs are also discussed in the book alongwith their relationship with the minorities residing in the Arab world.

  • Provides anthropological analysis of the Arabs
  • Details how the Arab world percieves the non-Arab world
  • Elaborats on the social customs and the habits of the Arabs
  • Describes Honor-Shame cornerstone of Arab society
  • Provides many cultural quirks of the Arabs
  • and more...
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