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Islamic Clothing for Women

In the privacy of their own homes, Muslim women often wear regular clothes. However, when they go out in public or are in the company of non-family members, they must wear additional clothing to cover themselves. 

The abaya is an extremely modest Islamic dress which many women in the Middle East, particularly Saudi Arabia and the Arab Gulf countries, often wear. The abaya is a long sleeved, loose-fitting robe that extends to the floor. It is designed to cover the curves of a woman's body. Many women wear comfortable clothing in their own homes and wear an abaya on top when they go out in public. 

The abaya begins at the head or shoulders and has a zipper, buttons or ties in the front covered by overlapping layers. An additional scarf covers the hair. Many women also choose to wear a veil or mask that covers the face. Nowadays many
online abaya shops sell these garments so you can shop them from the comfort of your home.

In Iran, Muslim women wear a chador. This is a long cloak that extends from the top of the head to the feet. Often, it is open in the front.

The jilbab is similar to the abaya but more fashionable. Jilbabs are available in many styles and colors and look more like long tailored coats than robes.

islamic clothing

A niqab is worn by the most modest of Muslims. It is a head covering with a face veil. Sometimes, a thin slit shows the eyes. Or, the eyes are covered up as well as the rest of the face and head.

A burqa is a veil that covers a woman's entire body. The eyes are covered by a thin mesh screen. This style of covering is especially common in Afghanistan.

In the Quran, Hijab refers to the guidelines of covering up and is a term used to generally describe Muslim modesty and clothing that follows Allah's will. While it can refer to any head or body covering relating to modesty, the term is often used to refer specifically to the head covering worn by Muslim women beginning at puberty (hence the term 'Islamic clothing')

Arabic Clothing for Men

For Muslim men, the awrah' is the part of the body between the navel and the knees, or sometimes upper thigh. This means that these areas must be covered at all times, especially when in public or mixed company. Just like with women, a Muslim man's clothing should be loose, thick and not attract attention. Men are also forbidden to wear gold or silk.

Similar to the customs regarding women, in many Muslim societies, men wear long, flowing robes or tunics. A thobe, thawb, dishdasha, suriyah or kandura, is a robe-like garment worn by Muslim men particularly in Iraq and Gulf Arab countries. This outfit extends to the ankles and often has long sleeves. There are slight variations in the thobe seen in different countries and regions.

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A shalwar kameez is a common outfit for both Muslim men and women, particularly in South Asia. Shalwar are loose fitting pants, similar to pajama pants. They are held up by an elastic waistband and may narrow at the ankle. The kameez is a long tunic.

In South East Asia, Muslim men wear a sarong or sarung. A sarong is a long length of fabric worn around the waist like a skirt. It does not touch the ground and often has a colorful, checkered pattern. Women may also wear sarongs as well as those throughout the Pacific Islands or the Arabian Peninsula.

A bisht is a flowing cloak worn in Arab countries. It is worn over the thobe. Because of warm weather, a bisht is often only worn for special occasions such as friday prayer. In some places, a bisht is worn by nobility or tribal chiefs.