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04 Sep '16

Turkish Blue Mosque in Istanbul Turkey

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This picture is that of a popular Islamic Poster that shows the popular Blue Mosque of Turkey. The Blue Mosque is located in Istanbul, Turkey and was built in the early 1600s. The inside of the mosque is adorned with fancy colored blue tiles while at night the blue light gives it a fascinating appearance. It continues to be one of most popular tourist attractions in Turkey. The mosque has six minarets, five main domes, and eight secondary domes.

See a larger and better picture of this Islamic poster at the link below where you can see other Islamic posters and products.

Turkish Blue Mosque Poster


04 Sep '16

The Art in the Turkish Prayer Rugs

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Turkey has been the capital of oriental arts for more than a century. Turkish art can be viewed in many oriental and Middle Eastern products. One of the most popular products where Turkish art can be observed is in the prayer rug. Islamic Prayer rugs is a small carpet (similar to what’s in the picture below) that provides a Muslim a private space to focus on his or her prayers and connect with the Lord. The combination of Turk’s expertise in oriental art and their devotion to Islam makes Turkish prayer rugs as one of the most popular prayer rugs in the world. You can see more designs at HilalPlaza.com at the link below.

Turkish Prayer Rugs


18 Aug '16

Somali Americans and Muslims

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Somali Muslims in USA

Somalis are an ethnic group inhabiting the Somali peninsula. Ethnic Somalis are majorly concentrated in Somalia and some parts of Ethiopia, Djibouti and Kenya. ‘Somali’ is their national language. The majority of the population is Muslim. The earliest immigrants to the US from mainly Northern Somalia were sailors who arrived in the 1920s. After the independence of Somalia; many Somalians came to America to study higher degrees.

The majority of Somali Muslims settles in Minnesota particularly in Minneapolis. Minnesota has the largest population of Somalis in Northern America. Somali Americans have formed a mini Mogadishu in Minnesota. The Somali community in America is represented by various Somali-operated organizations. Many Somalis have given noticeable contributions to various fields in America.

Somali Businesses and Centers in USA:

Zeila Films is a production house run by a famous Somali American actor, director and producer named Idil Ibrahim. The production house has made various films on social issues.

Mataano is a women's fashion style brand. It was founded in 2009 and is owned by two Somali-American fashion designers Idyl and Ayaan Mohallim. The brand is well-known for its global sensibility and ready-to-wear stylishness.

Afro Deli & Grill restaurants, is a small chain of restaurants run by a Somali American, Abdirahman Kahin. The deli offers a variety of Somali, American and international cuisine prepared from fresh and halal ingredients.

Shamey Telecom Inc is an international prepaid calling service run by Somali Americans.

Karmel Mall is a super mall run by Somali Americans. This mall has everything from clothes to grocery items. It’s a very popular mall in Minnesota USA.

Café Royale is a well-known restaurant chain in America. It is a unique restaurant that provides you with the best, mouthwatering Somali-Mediterranean cuisine in the town.

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18 Aug '16

Persian American Muslims

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Persian Muslims in USA (Persian Americans)

Persian Americans are also known as Iranian Americans. These are the people possessing either dual nationality of Iran and America or the U.S born individuals of Iranian ancestry. Iranian Americans, so far, has reached the highest echelons of education and technology sectors in America.

People from Iranian descents usually face a hard time and a tougher process to enter America; no matter a visitor or as an immigrant. This is all because of international politics. Otherwise, since 1940 thousands of Iranians flock to America for different reasons; usually to study or work.

California, New York, New Jersey, Texas, Maryland, Virginia, Washington, D.C., and Illinois are the top ranked homes to Persian communities in America.

As per 2000 US Census report, there were 283,225 Iranian-born individuals in USA. At the closure of 2015, more than 1,000,000 Iranians were reportedly residing in America.  

Today, America has the highest number of Persian Muslims- 42% in 2008 that was later declined to 31% in 2012.

Persian businesses and centers in America

Persian Tech Entrepreneurs is a group of young Persian Americans playing vital role in technology.

Iranian-Americans are one of the most successful and well-established communities in America.

Persians are holding top positions in several renowned American companies and a lot of which falls in the list of Fortune 500 companies including AT&T, Citigroup, Verizon, GE, Google and Intel.  

Isaac Larian, the founder of Bratz, is a Persian American, The Vice Chairman of Citicorp, Hamid Biglari is also Iranian.

According to Small Business Administration report, Persian Americans fall in the top 20 immigrant groups in America with the highest business ownership rates. Iranian business owners in America have 21.5% share in business ownership.

IACC (Iranian American Community Center ) was formed to strengthen Persian community in America and their owned businesses.   

Popularity of Persian cuisine in America results in amplification of restaurant business particularly in multicultural states such as Los Angeles, Vancouver and Washington, D.C. Los Angeles is famous for having numerous Persian restaurants offering good quality Iranian food particularly kebab, stews and many other traditional dishes.

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18 Aug '16

Indonesian American Muslims

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Indonesian American Muslims

Indonesian Muslims in USA (Indonesian Americans)

USA is one of the countries having the biggest Indonesian community. Every year thousands of Indonesians fly to America to pursue their education or as professional workers. However, the proportion of Indonesian people entering into USA is relatively small in contrast to Filipino, Japanese and Chinese migrants.

In Silicon Valley, more than 250,000 Indonesians are working for big companies and tech giants. These include Yahoo, IBM, Facebook, Google, KLA Tencor, Sun Microsystems and Cisco Systems to name a few.

According to 2000 United States Census, the Indonesians ranked 15th amongst the largest populations in America.  The Indonesian Americans preferably reside in big states including Los Angeles, Southern California and metropolitan areas of New York, Philadelphia Seattle and Washington, D.C.

Indonesian Businesses and Centers in USA

As stated by the 1990 census, one-third of employed Indonesian Americans are managers. The same proportion holds true for the professionals and people associated with technical, sales, and administrative-support jobs.

On the other hand, the Indonesians also make their living through different businesses. For instance:

Empire International  brings authentic Indonesian food and confectionery products to growing Indonesian community in USA. In 1985, Mr. Hee Tan and Mr. Ruski started this business from California.  

The co-founder of Marvell Technology Group, Dr. Sehat Sutardja is one of the most affluent and successful Indonesian professionals in America. Indeed, a notable achievement for a multiethnic, Asian country- Indonesia.   

Simpang Asia (serves Indonesian food) and Indonesian café are popular spots of attraction and social magnets for Indonesian community in America. Both are located in palm neighborhood of Los Angeles.

BoBoKo Café located in Harrisonburg, Virginia also serves traditional Indonesian cuisine.  

A number of publications are also on Indonesian Americans record. California-based publications include Indonesian Journal (founded 1988), Actual Indonesia News (founded 1996) and Indonesia Media (founded 1998).

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