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18 Aug '16

Somali Americans and Muslims

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Somali Muslims in USA

Somalis are an ethnic group inhabiting the Somali peninsula. Ethnic Somalis are majorly concentrated in Somalia and some parts of Ethiopia, Djibouti and Kenya. ‘Somali’ is their national language. The majority of the population is Muslim. The earliest immigrants to the US from mainly Northern Somalia were sailors who arrived in the 1920s. After the independence of Somalia; many Somalians came to America to study higher degrees.

The majority of Somali Muslims settles in Minnesota particularly in Minneapolis. Minnesota has the largest population of Somalis in Northern America. Somali Americans have formed a mini Mogadishu in Minnesota. The Somali community in America is represented by various Somali-operated organizations. Many Somalis have given noticeable contributions to various fields in America.

Somali Businesses and Centers in USA:

Zeila Films is a production house run by a famous Somali American actor, director and producer named Idil Ibrahim. The production house has made various films on social issues.

Mataano is a women's fashion style brand. It was founded in 2009 and is owned by two Somali-American fashion designers Idyl and Ayaan Mohallim. The brand is well-known for its global sensibility and ready-to-wear stylishness.

Afro Deli & Grill restaurants, is a small chain of restaurants run by a Somali American, Abdirahman Kahin. The deli offers a variety of Somali, American and international cuisine prepared from fresh and halal ingredients.

Shamey Telecom Inc is an international prepaid calling service run by Somali Americans.

Karmel Mall is a super mall run by Somali Americans. This mall has everything from clothes to grocery items. It’s a very popular mall in Minnesota USA.

Café Royale is a well-known restaurant chain in America. It is a unique restaurant that provides you with the best, mouthwatering Somali-Mediterranean cuisine in the town.

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