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A Mercy to the Universe



Mercy is clemency and forbearance; mercy means a favor or a blessing; mercy is the disposition to forgive or show compassion; mercy further denotes the qualities of kindness, sympathy, generosity, and beneficence. Suffice is to say that all of these qualities were there in plenty in the character of Prophet Muhammad (May Allah have his peace and blessings on him).


He was a mercy to believers as well as to disbelievers, for he would invite them to come out of darkness and into the light of true guidance. He is a favor and blessing for mankind, not only for Arabs, the people among whom he was sent, but also for people of all races and colors. His enemies became his closest followers when the shade of blind prejudice was removed from their vision and when they were able, for the very first time, to see with clarity the true nature of the Prophet's character.


This book deals with many of the qualities of Prophet which made him the mercy to everyone. It starts with His perfect lineage, His noble upbringing, and his fully dedicated worship. This book mentions many of the qualities of the Prophet which includes his generosity, humbleness, bravery, virtue of patience, and leadership to name a few. Also, there are examples in each chapter from the life of the Prophet on how he was the perfect living example of that quality. The book ends with the perfection of life of the Prophet with his goodbye sermon and even his noble death where he demonstrated some of those qualities as well.


By: Saeed ibn Ali bin Wahf Al-Qahtani
Translator: Faisal bin Muhammad Shafeeq
Pages: 448
Binding: Hardback
Size: 6×9×1" (15×22 cm)
Shipping Weight: 1.49 lbs


Caliph Ali and Shia


Some of the topics discussed in the book are as follows:

  • His Lineage: The Best of the Best    

  • His Upbringing

  • His physical description, and a Description of His Morals  

  • How His Mercy, as a General Phenomenon, Embraces all Beings Humans, Jinns, Believers, Disbelievers, and even Animals   

  • Categories of His Mercy, And its' Practical Implementation  

  • Mercy Towards Enemies  

  • His Mercy Towards Believers

  • His Mercy Towards All Human Beings

  • His Mercy Towards Children  

  • His Mercy Towards Daughters and Young Girls in General   

  • His Mercy Towards Orphans

  • His Mercy Towards Women and The Weak 

  • His Mercy Towards Widows and The Poor 

  • His Mercy Towards Students of Knowledge 

  • His Mercy Towards Prisoners

  • His Mercy Towards The Sick  

  • His Mercy Towards Animals  

  • His Kindness Towards Children   

  • His Good Manners   

  • How He Encouraged Others to Develop Good Manners   

  • Second: The Prophet's good manners

  • His Generosity

  • Two things helped convince the woman that she should embrace Islam    

  • The Prophet's Justice

  • His Humbleness   

  • A Forgiving and Forbearing Leader 

  • His Carefulness and Deliberateness 

  • His Gentleness and Softness 

  • How He Would Encourage Muslims to be Gentle    

  • The Prophet's Gentleness  

  • His Patience  

  • His Bravery 

  • His Wisdom, and His Ability to Unite People and Make Peace between Them

  • Building His Masjid

  • Inviting the Jews of Al-Madinah to Islam 

  • Establishing Ties of Brotherhood Between the Muhajiroon (Muslims Who Migrated to Al-Madinah) and the Ansar (The Native Inhabitants of Al-Madinah)    

  • Providing Muslims with Proper Training and Guidance

  • The New Constitution of Al-Madinah   

  • The Prophet's Eloquence   

  • His Miracles 

  • The Miracles of the Quran

  • The Qur'an 's Eloquence 

  • Information About the Unseen World    

  • The Miraculous Nature of the Qur'an s Laws and

  • Physical or Tangible Miracles of the Prophets

  • Miracles that Had to do with Outer Space  

  • Miracles in the Sky   

  • Miracles Pertaining to Human Beings, Animals, Jinns.

  • Miracles Pertaining to Trees, Fruits, and Wood   

  • Miracles that Pertain to Mountains, Rocks, and Dirt 

  • Sixth: Miracles that Pertain to Water, Food, Drink, and Fruits

  • Seventh: Help From Angels 

  • Eighth: How Allah Guaranteed to Protect the Prophet

  • The Universality of the Prophet's Message 

  • Some Just and Honest Jewish and Christian Scholars

  • Acknowledge the Truthfulness of the Prophet's Message  

  • His Best Deeds Were His Final Deeds  

  • His Farewell to His Nation   

  • 1) He Announces His Intention to Perform Hajj

  • 2) His Farewell Advice to Muslims in Arafat  

  • 3) His Speech at Al-Jamarat 

  • 4) His Farewell Advice on the Day of An-Nahr

  • The Farewell of Prophet to Both the Living and the Dead...

  • The Early Days of the Prophet's Illness   

  • A Sermon of Paramount Importance

  • His Illness Takes a Turn for the Worse, and Some of the Things He Said During the Difficult Days that Followed  

  • Advice the Prophet that he Gave Just Prior to His Death    

  • When Given the Choice Between this World and the Hereafter, the Prophet Chose the Latter

  • The Calamity of the Prophet's Death  

  • The Prophet's Inheritance   

  • His Rights Over the People of His Nation

  • and much more..    


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