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Muhammad (S) for the Global Village


For those who seek true knowledge of the Sunnah and the life of Prophet Muhammad for guidance and enlightenment, this book is a valuable treatise. It carries the details of the practices and teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW). 
The book is easy to understand as it is addressed to academics, students, lay men and political leaders alike. Also, it is addressed to the hundreds of millions of good men and women Muslims and non-Muslims equally in major capitals, cities and rural areas in the West and in the East, in the North and in the South, people who are looking for the truth about the Prophet of Islam his life and his teachings.

It has been authored by Dr. Muhammad al-Haashimi al-Haamidi who is a well known Muslim scholar, and is watched with reverence on al-Mustaqillah channel. English translation is done by Nasiruddin Al-Khattab. The contents of this book are authentic. It has a careful selection of ideas and seriousness of content expected of a valuable asset about the life of Muhammad (SAW).

The book is a detailed treatise beginning from the aspirations of Abdul Muttalib, the marriage of Prophet’s father till the completion of Islam and demise of the Holy Prophet. It beautifully introduces us to all the important people in the life of Prophet Muhammad who helped him spread the message of Allah and assisted him in his noble cause. There are unforgettable lessons for all readers.

The book has been clearly divided into long chapters. Each chapter deals with different phases in the life of Prophet Muhammad to provide the readers a deep insight into the reality of Islam and the devotion of its followers. The book has been authored in a very contemporary style, the language is simple and academic yet the style is appealing and exciting at the same time. A separate chapter has been devoted to the character of the holy Prophet that can help all Muslims know him better and follow in his footsteps.

Inspiration for the matrimonial matters and domestic bliss can be had from a separate chapter on the marriages of the Prophet Muhammad. The book ends by establishing a connection of the Holy Prophet with Jesus Christ. The chapter discusses what the Quran has to say about Eesa the Messiah. The information imparted is enlightening for all readers. Readers can get acquainted with the author better as there is Author’s biography at the end of this book. The book stands unique and superior in the authenticity and validity of its contents

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