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Child Companions around the Prophet


These are the companions who accepted Islam in their childhood and spent it being around Prophet (S) which helped them in getting benefits from his teachings and learning from his manners. The behavior of the Prophet with the children was a model to follow and he used to love them. They were been taught by the Prophet the manners of eating, talking to theirs elders, behaving with other children, together with guiding them to the basic points of the teachings of Islam.

It includes the biography of the following Companions:

  1. Hasan bin 'Ali
  2. Husain bin 'Ali
  3. 'Abdullah bin Zoubir
  4. 'Abdullah bin 'Abbas
  5. 'Abdullah bin Ja'far
  6. 'Abdullah bin 'Umar
  7. 'Abdullah bin 'Amr
  8. Usamah bin Zaid
  9. Anas bin Malik
  10. Sa'eed bin Al-'Aas

Other Sources:

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Hadith on virtues and blessings of wudu ablution - Sahih Bukhari