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A Summary of the Creed of As-Salaf As-Salih



A Summary of the Creed of As-Salaf As-Salih. This book is of 40 pages.

Publisher's Note

A creed is a set of fundamental beliefs and guiding principles of a religion. A religion or sect differs from another if its beliefs and principles are different. At the present time we find many religions and numerous sects of each religion in this world, while the Creator of this world has prescribed a simple and straight forward religion for us. He sent many Messengers and Prophets to various nations at different times to propagate His Message to mankind. But the people after those Messengers and Prophets changed their beliefs, thus deviating from the original religion. This went on until Allah sent his Last Messenger (S) to mankind.

So it is our duty now to guard against deviation from the fundamental beliefs and principles of the only one religion, Islam, that was sent by Allah from the existence of this world.

This book clearly defines the creed which the Last Messenger (S) has taught us. We should adhere to this creed to save our religion and to worship Allah according to the correct way which was the way of the Prophet (S), his Companions, the successors of the Companions, and the followers of the successors.

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