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Who Deserves to be Worshiped (Worship of Allah)


Brief Synopsis: 

This work aims at helping those who are in search of the True religion. There are many who question their existing traditional, philosophical and religious beliefs and set on a search for truth about god. This book is an invitation for such questioning minds to look closely and deeply into the reality of Islam and find answers. This book presents:

  • Basic Islamic beliefs and concepts
  • Numerous facts about Prophet Jesus, abandoned teachings of the Bible that were revived by Islam.
  • Proofs from the Bible about the Prophet-hood of Muhammad (SAW).
  • Arguments refuting the doctrines of original sin and redemption.

This treatise connects Islam and Christianity proving that both religions have come from Allah. It rectifies many misinterpretations of the Bible and messages of Allah to enlighten the Believers.


Each person is born into a religious environment that is not of his or her own choice; a child is raised in the religion or ideology of his or her family, society or culture. Even as a newborn, he or she is assigned the religion of his family or the ideology of the state; in some countries the child's assigned religion is even recorded on his or her birth certificate. By the time individuals reach their teens they usually have accepted the beliefs of their parents or that of their particular society, feeling that they have little choice in the matter.

However, individuals often encounter or are exposed to various beliefs and ideologies throughout the course of their lives leading many to question long-held beliefs, traditions or philosophical ideas. They begin to question the validity of their.own beliefs. Seekers of truth often reach a point of confusion upon realizing that believers of every religion, sect, ideology and philosophy all claim to have the one and only truth.

So, which religion is the right one and how can the seeker of truth know it? This is the main subject of this work.

Edited by: Dr. Bilal Philips

Table of Contents:

Publisher Note

About the word ‘Load’

About the word ‘Allah’



1.       Proof of Allah’s existence
2.       The purpose of creation
3.       Monotheism, the massage of all prophets
4.       The basic massage of Islam
5.       Proof that only Allah deserves work ship
6.       The massage of false religions
7.       Allah and his creation
8.       The meaning of the religion’s name, ’Islam’
9.       The six article of Islam faithBelief in Allah
Belief in the angels
Belief in the scriptures
Belief   in the messengers of Allah
Belief in the last day
Belief in predestination
10.   The five pillars of Islam The declaration of the two testimonies of faith
Zakah  (obligatory charity)
Fasting the month of Ramadan
Hajj (pilgrimage to makkah)
11.   The meaning of work ship in Islam
12.   Islam in the moral system
13.   Islam and other religions
14.   Eleven facts about Jesus in Islamic  teachingsThe status of Jesus in Islam
The beginning of his lineage
The status of Mary
The news about Jesus (peace be upon him)
The birth of Jesus (peace be upon him)
Subsequent miracles of Jesus (peace be upon him)
Humanness of Jesus (peace be upon him)
Jesus’ prophet hood
The mission of Jesus (peace be upon him)
Jesus’ ascension
The second coming of Jesus (peace be upon him)
15.   Muhammad  (peace be upon him) in the bible: Twenty six
       Proofs from the bible on Muhammad’s prophet hood
       Main attributes of Muhammad’s profile in the bible
His names
His characteristics
The location from which he was to come
The massage to be revealed through him
Fulfillment of prophecies, which he foretold
The time when he was to appear
The unique proof
Another unique proof
16.   The facts about ‘original sin’
17.   Islam’s revival of the basic teachings of Jesus Revival of the creed of Allah’s unity (of essence)
Revival of Allah’s supremacy in his attributes and qualities
Revival of the doctrine of monotheism
(The worship of Allah alone)
Revival of the creed of Jesus’ humanness and  
Prophetheood, negating divinity and 'son ship’
Revival of the doctrine of Jesus’ ascension
(Negating crucifixion)
Revival of the prohibition of augury
Revival of the prohibition of witchcraft
Revival of the prohibition of interest
Revival of the prohibition of park
Revival of the prohibition of consuming blood
Revival of the prohibition of alcoholic drinks
Revival of the ablution before prayer  
Revival of performing prayers physically
Revival of compulsory charity (Zukat)
Revival of fasting
Revival of greeting with the supplication of peace
Revival of the veiling (hijab) for women
Revival of polygyny
Revival of circumcision
18.   Features of Islamic teachings Rationality
Scientific validity and accuracy
Prophetic fulfillment
19.   Islam ,the universal religion
20.   Why Islam?
21.   A final call to reason
22.   To sum it up
23.   This is it
24.   Remember this

How to become a Muslim





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