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The Muslim Marriage Series (4 Books)



Excellent for both married and newly married couples. An understanding of these principles can help transform a Muslim marriage for the better.

This is a 4-book series covering various aspects of marriage according to the authentic Sunnah. Marriage plays a most central role in human life and has been largely discussed by the scholars of Islaam through the ages, resulting in numerous writings and treatises. Some of those writings, mostly by contemporary scholars, have been translated into English. However, we find them restricted in scope, addressing Muslims who live in predominantly Islaamic countries, or overlooking important real issues that have developed under modern civilization. This leaves quite a large gap that needs to be filled for the benefit of the Muslims in English-speaking countries, and this is what we attempt to fulfill over the span of these books."

Note: The books come individually and not in a box as shown in the picture.

Book 1: Closer Than A Garment - Marital Intimacy According to the Pure Sunnah  - Pages: 192

From the back cover "This is one of a 4-book series covering various aspects of marriage according to the authentic Sunnah. This unique title covers a number of different aspects in marriage, including human sexuality, Islamic etiquette of intimacy, prohibited acts of intimacy, ghusl, the 'awrah, zina', birth control, indecent acts, and more.

Book 2: The Fragile Vessels - Rights and Obligations Between the Spouses in Islam - Pages: 164

This book covers the obligations of the two spouses - the wife's rights, and the husband's rights. The book contains the biographies of the Mothers of Believers and paints a very realistic picture from the life of the prophet (saws) with his wives, and presents a complete discussion of the hadeeth of Umm Zar. Presents Ahadeeth and Quranic revelations relevant to the topic. A must for every Muslim couple as a reminder of rights for each spouse to the other

Book 3: The Quest for Love and Mercy - Regulations for Marriage & Wedding in Islam - Pages: 183

This book covers various aspects of marriage faithfully adhering to the Quran and Sunnah. In this volume, the importance and advantage of selecting a spouse, courting process, marriage contract, wedding celebration, halal and haram are discussed. A practical procedure for performing the marriage contract as well as a sample contract is included. Topics are set up in a user-friendly style citing all the relevant verses from the Quran and hadith for easy reference.

Book 4: Our Precious Sprouts - Islamic Regulations for Newborns - Pages: 206

This sequel deals with the normal fruit of marriage: newborns. It covers the Islamic regulations relating to a newborn. This includes welcoming the baby, naming it, shaving its hair, circumcising it, and slaughtering the sacrificial 'aqiqah.