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The Eternal Guidance


God has created the whole universe and everything in it. Anything that is created has a beginning. Anything that has a beginning will one day have an end.

Human beings are the supreme of creation in the animal world. They are the most intelligent. Even so their knowledge is very limited and imperfect. They have no definite knowledge of the future and afterlife. Therefore human guidance for future and afterlife will be imperfect and unsuitable for the salvation of mankind. Only God has perfect knowledge. His guidance can only be perfect and acceptable.

There are thousands of religions. Many of them have a book of guidance. Many claim that their book of guidance is from God. How do we know? Attempt has been made to find out the true guidance of God, "The Eternal guidance".

A. S. Alam, M. D.


Other Sources:

To Allah is the final return for all - Surah Nur Verse and Ayah 42 Quran

To our Lord is our return - Surah Zukhruf Verse and Ayah 13-14, Quran

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