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The Divine Hadith (Qudsii)

The Divine Hadith (Qudsii)


The terminology Hadith Qudsii (Divine Hadith) is derived from the word قدُّوس , namely the “Holiest,” one of Allah’s Names.Hadith Qudsii differs from the Qur’an in the following ways:The Qur’an was brought down by Jibreel u, while Hadith Qudsii is either delivered through Jibreel, through inspiration, or through another means.All of The Noble Qur’an is mutawaatir (transmitted and passed down from a substantial number of narrators/memorizers to another substantial number of narrators/memorizers to another substantial number of narrators/memorizers until the present day) while a Hadith Qudsii may or may not be.The Noble Qur’an is error-free, while Hadith Qudsii may be narrated by someone who may have forgotten and thus narrates it erroneously.The Noble Qur’an may be recited in prayer, while Hadith Qudsi cannot.The Qur’an is divided into chapters, verses, ahzab, and parts, while Hadith Qudsii isn’t.The reward for reading and reciting the Qur’an has been well-established; however, Hadith Qudsii doesn’t have the same reward.The Qur’an is an ongoing miracle until the end of times.If someone rejects the Qur’an they are considered kafir, unlike if someone rejects Hadith Qudsii for thinking it came down through a weak narration.One doesn’t need to narrate the Hadith Qudsii literally, unlike the Qur’an which must be recited and read letter for letter, word for word. Product Attributes:: Subtitle: Author: Muhammad S. Adly Binding: Paperback Pages: 157 Size in inches: 5.5x8.5x0.40 Size in CM: 14x21.5x1