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Tajweed Rules of Quranic Recitation


For every letter of the Quran that a Muslim recites, he/she is rewarded ten times over. This immense reward for such a seemingly simple task emphasizes the importance of learning how to recite the Quran. Tajweed Rules for Quranic Recitation: A Beginner's Guide aims to give the reader the necessary tools to properly recite the Quran according to the manner in which the Prophet Muhammad (sa) recited it.

To set the stage for learning the proper Quranic recitation, or tajweed, the history of the Quran is briefly discussed from its revelation to its compilation. In addition, the history of the Science of Tajweed is touched upon, in order to move the reader into the rules of Quranic recitation. With the beginning learner in mind, the rules are detailed in a simple yet clear manner. Each new rule is elucidated with examples from the Quran for learners to apply to their recitation.


About the author:

Al-Hafidh Hafs Al-Gazzi is a qualified reciter of the Quran who has obtained his ijazat both in the recitation of the Quran but also the various mutoon or texts on tajweed from numerous scholars around the world. He has had the honor of being able to record his recitation of Juz' 'Amma under the supervision of his eminence Shaykh Ahmed Esa Al-Ma'sarawi (Shaykh al-Qurra of Egypt) and is currently in the process of recording his recitation of the Quran. His love of tajweed began from an early age however, it was whilst presenting the weeny radio show "Tilawat Al-Quran Program" that he began to study tajweed in more depth and to recite to local scholars. Currently, Ustadh Hafs resides in Dubai and is head of the Islamic Education department at Kings Dubai, a private school in the UAE.

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