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Tafseer Surah Fatihah & Clarifying the Categories of Tawheed in it

Tafseer Surah Fatihah & Clarifying the Categories of Tawheed in it


This tremendous chapter is recommended for every Muslim to know generally some of the noble meanings that only a few has brought attention to that is included in it. We know this chapter is recited every day by every Muslim in all prayers whether it be obligatory prayers or voluntary prayers, and if the reader reflect over the hidden secrets and wisdom of it, truly he would be diligently trying to understand it and to know what the hidden secrets are in this chapter that is repeatedly recited in every prayer. Which something that is not found in any other chapters of the Quran whether they be long, medium, or short chapters.The meaning of Tawheed Uloohiyyah is the Unity of Allaah in His worship in all of its aspects whereas none of it is disposed for other than Allaah: like prayer, alms-giving, fasting, pilgrimage, vows, slaughtering, seeking aid, seeking rescue, fear, trust, and other than that from the numerous aspects of worship.Shaykh Hammaad ibn Muhammad Al-Ansaaree, may Allah have mercy, (born in 1927 in Mali), expounds on the tremendous Surah Fatihah with wonderful benefits and reflections. A must for every Muslim!!! Product Attributes:: Subtitle: Author: Shaykh Hammad Ibn Muhammad Al-Ansaaree Binding: Paperback Pages: 99 Size in inches: 5.5x8.40x0.25 Size in CM: 14x21x0.60