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Spanish: La resurreccion Menor (Vol 5)

Spanish: La resurreccion Menor (Vol 5)


What happens after death? When will the end of the world be? Are we really living in the 'last days'? These are questions which concern everyone, no matter what his or her background. Many have tried to answer these questions, producing theories that range from the fanciful to the nihilistic, but manmade notions cannot answer questions about matters which the human has no way of finding out by himself or herself. In these as in so many other issues, Islam brings us answers. Surely the One who gives life and takes it away is the One who is the best to inform us of what happens after death. The One who has created this universe and humankind is the best to tell us about when this world will come to an end and humankind will be called to judgement. He has informed us about these matters, in His Book and through His Prophet (blessings and peace be upon him).In this book, Dr. 'Umar al-Ashqar examines all these issues from the point of view of the Qur'an and the Sunnah. He looks at issues of death and what happens to a person's soul after death, including the questioning of the angels and the torment of the grave. He also examines the signs of the Last Hour, which indicate that the Day of Judgement is approaching - many of which are already happening. As always, he quotes extensively from the texts, placing these issues squarely within an Islamic framework and dispelling the myths and misunderstandings that have arisen and become prevalent.La Resurrecci≤n Menor a la luz del Corßn y la Sunnah - Serie: La Creencia Islßmica - 5, Parte 1. QuΘ ocurre despuΘs de la muerte? Cußndo llegarß el fin del mundo? Estamos viviendo los "┌ltimos Dφas"? Estos interrogantes forman parte de todas las culturas. Muchos han tratado de responder estos interrogantes, dando lugar a diferentes teorφas que van de lo fantasioso a lo simplemente nihilista. El Islam tiene respuestas a todas estas inquietudes. Aquel que concede y luego quita la vida, es el mßs indicado para informarnos acerca de cuanto sucede luego de la muerte. Aquel que ha creado el universo y la humanidad es el mßs adecuado para informarnos acerca de cuando llegarß el fin de este mundo, y la humanidad sea llamada a rendir cuentas en el Dφa del Juicio. Allah nos ha informado acerca de estos asuntos en Su Libro y mediante Su Profeta (S).En este libro se analizan todos estos temas a la luz del Corßn y la Sunnah, evidenciando que es lo que ocurre al alma luego de la muerte fφsica, el interrogatorio de los ┴ngeles y el posible tormento en la tumba. TambiΘn se analizan las se±ales de los ·ltimos dφas, las cuales indican que el Dφa del Juicio estß pr≤ximo, muchas de las cuales ya se han cumplido. Este libro tambiΘn tiene como objetivo desenmascarar ciertos mitos y conceptos err≤neos ampliamente difundidos. Product Attributes:: Subtitle: Author: Umar Sulaiman al-Ashqar Binding: Hardback Pages: 361 Size in inches: 6x9 Size in CM: 15x22