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Selected Surahs from The Quran

Selected Surahs from The Quran


This compilation has been produced by Sheikh Safiur-Rahman AI-Mubarakpuri, the well-known Muslim scholar, by selecting some Surahs and their virtues together with authentic Supplications from Quran and Sunnah to be recited in the morning and evening. This booklet also includes the Beautiful Names of Allah. Everybody can recite them when they are distressed and need or can earn rewards by remembering Allah whenever he likes.

Surat Al-Fatihah, Al-Kahf, As-Sajdah, Ya Sin, Fussilat, Ad-Dukhan, Ar-Rahman, Al-Waqi'ah, Al-Hashr, Al-Mulk, Al-Insan, and Al-Buruj have been included in this book. On the right side of each page it has Arabic in Uthmani Script and the English translation on the left.


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