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Selected Friday Sermons


This is an important guide for all those Imams who are expected to deliver Friday sermons before congregational prayer every Friday. It reflects upon the essentials of the Friday Sermon, the mannerisms for delivering Sermon and many collections of sermons from the Prophet Muhammad for practical use. This is a valuable collection of Friday speeches which can enable any Imam deliver authentic information to his listeners during a Friday sermon.

This book is a must for every Imam and anyone who expects to give Friday sermons in the English speaking world. The sermons contained in this book are collected from the sermons of Prophet Muhammad (S) himself, his companions and various prominent scholars. The sermons are both educational and heart moving, therefore fulfilling the goal of the Friday sermon. Every Muslim who attends the Friday congregational prayer wants to have his faith increased with inspirational and encouraging exhortations, and at the same time be sure that the information that he is receiving is Islamically correct. Thus, we present this collection of sermons in hopes that it will assist the reader in delivering quality religious speeches, thereby fulfilling the obligation of the Friday sermon in the best manner. 

By: Ifta Office Washington DC. USA
Pages: 388
Binding: Hardback
Size: 6x9" (15x22 cm)

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