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Seerah Encyclopedia (Vol 1)

Seerah Encyclopedia (Vol 1)


Seerah Encyclopedia - The Hidden Pearls (اللؤلؤ المكنون - الجزء الأول) Vol #1 (more will be available once translated & printed). Full-color print on glossy paper illustrated with beautiful pictures and maps.This first volume covers:Pre-Islamic Religions of Arabian PeninsulaDomains And Kingdoms of The ArabsNeighbors of The Arabs And Their ReligionsHistorical Background of The Arabian PeninsulaFrom the back cover:In these dark and disturbing times, the Muslim Ummah is confronted with innumerable challenges. The entire disbelieving world is arrayed against the believers attempting to challenge and destroy Islam from the inside out. Through political and academic means, there people working day and night in an effort to achieve this end. A global culture of instant gratification, fulfilling sexual desires and acquiring the latest entertainment technology has alienated Muslim youth from Allah's Messenger, pushing them to cut off their relationship to him entirely. The only solution to this terrible situation is to rekindle the love of Allah's Messenger in the hearts of every Muslim, illuminating their souls with an accurate account of his life and works.Not a single event of the Messenger's life has been left or overlooked in this encyclopedia. Each and every event has been thoroughly researched, examined and vetted by the thirteen-member Committee and then written in an easy, flowing style.Note: This NOT the translation of the 4-Vol Arabic work with the same name, اللؤلؤ المكنون. It is a brand new work recently compiled by Darussalam originally in Urdu and being translated into other languages of the world. Product Attributes:: Subtitle: Author: Binding: Hardback Pages: 640 Size in inches: 7x9.5x1.20 Size in CM: 17.5x24x3