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Scientific Wonders on the Earth & in Space


This books explores the miracles explained in the Quran related to the Earth and the Space. These miracles were mentioned in the book of Allah centuries before their scientific discoveries many centuries later. These signs besides being miraculous provide a further attestation of the message of truth that was revealed in the book as a source of guidance for the entire human race.

Allah, the Most High, says:

"The creation of the heaven and the Earth is indeed greater than the creation of mankind, and yet most mankind know not." (Soorah Ghafir 40:57).

"And you will see the mountains and think them solid but they shall pass away as the passing away of clouds. The work of Allah, Who perfected all things, verily He is Well-Acquainted with what you do." (Soorah An-Naml:88)

Verily We have adorned the near heaven (sky of the world) with the stars (for beauty). (Soorah As-Saaffaat:6)

Quran  is an everlasting book of Allah given to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) that has remain unchanged over centuries and packs numerous signs of the divine. All humans who came after the Prophet have been able to observe such signs for themselves, and ponder over the truth that it contains.

The past and the present signs in the Universe and within ourselves have been discovered by science as a proven fact that were revealed by Allah to the prophet many centuries ago. As times passes us by, most certainly more signs shall be discovered in the future just as he had predicted.

This book highlights a number of such scientific discoveries of this universe. These include miracles about plants, animals, food, universe, galaxies, stars and more. A must-read book for those who wish to know and learn more about the preaching and predictions of our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

Miracles highlighted in this book include the following:

  • Earth's Movement

  • The Appearance of the Day

  • Earth's Gravity

  • Haphazard Zigzag Motion

  • The Excellence of Makkah over other Localities

  • The Arabian Peninsula

  • The Miracle of the Call to Prayer and the American Astronaut

  • Iron is brought forth from the outer Space

  • Spherical shape of the Earth

  • The Earth's Layers

  • Mystery of the Mountains

  • Mountains as Pegs

  • How the Mountains were Formed

  • The word alqaa (to place) contains a Qur'aanic miracle

  • The Earth which Splits

  • Faults on the Seafloor

  • The Faults bring about the Continents

  • Where it not for the Faults Life will be Impossible

  • The Relationship between Water and Rock Colors

  • The Shadow (Refraction of light rays)

  • Chlorophyll

  • A Study of the Formation of Cumulus Clouds

  • The Lowest Point in the World

  • The Understanding of the Scholars of Tafseer

  • The Earth's Shrinkage

  • The meaning of reduction of the earth from its borders

  • The Wondrous Mineral Accumulation

  • Allah's Signs in the Plants

  • The feeding organs of plants: The Root

  • Transpiration

  • Formation of food

  • Respiration in plants

  • Adaptation in plants

  • Desert Plants

  • Aquatic Plants

  • Creepers (Climbing plants)

  • Insect eating plants

  • The Galaxies

  • Nebula and Stellar Cluster

  • The Stars

  • Neutron stars and Block holes

  • Stellar Constellation

  • The Falling Stars (Meteors)

  • Life on the Stars

  • The Moon and the Sun

  • The movement of the Sun

  • The Sun: A blazing celestial body

  • Proliferation of Suns

  • The moon was a blaze then put out

  • Extinct Star

  • The Andromeda Galaxy

  • Verses regarding the Universe in the Noble Qur'an

  • Wonders in the Orbits and Galaxies

  • Origin of the Solar System

  • Gravitation

  • Day and Night

  • Stellar orbits

  • Expansion of the universe

  • The Sun and the Moon follow fixed courses

  • Double Sunrise and Double Sunset

  • Information on Voyage to Space

  • The cleaving of the Moon

  • The Prophetic Miracle

  • How the Director of Tokyo observing in Japan accepted Islam

  • Time between Science and the Qur'aan

  • Polar flare

  • The Protector is Allah

  • The Piercing Star

  • The Lord of Sirius

  • The Easts and the Wests

  • Ascension and the Darkness of the Universe

  • The Atmospheric pressure

  • The marvelous verse:

  • Linguistic Explanation:

  • Orbitations of the Universe

  • The Rainy sky

  • Linguistic Interpretation:

  • The Future of the Sun between the Qur'aan and Science

  • The Moon was once ablaze then it was extinguished

  • The missing mass in the Universe

  • Holes in the Universe

  • The movement of the Sun, its course and its end

  • The Wondrous Verses

  • Intelligent Life Forms in the Universe

  • Qur'anic indication of intelligent Life-Forms in the universe

  • The Birth of the Universe

  • The Universe: Between stationary and motion

  • The Primordial Broth

  • When was the explosion of the Universe?

  • Proponents of eternal existence (of the Universe) in dilemma

  • The speed of expansion of the Universe

  • The Great Explosion

  • The verses of wonder:

  • Linguistic Explanation

  • The understanding of scholars of 'fafseer

  • Historical Preamble

  • Expansion of the Universe

  • The understanding of the scholars of Tafseer

  • What does modem Astronomy have to say regarding this issue?

  • Computation of the speed of light

  • The understanding of the scholars of Tafscer

  • All Float Around In Orbit

  • The Giant strings Theory

  • Changing non-living thing to life from using radiation

  • Evolution from Space

  • Life in Space!

  • Al-Jawaril Kunnass

  • (The Receding Planets)

  • The Milky Way: Our galaxy

  • Possible scenarios of the Universe's end

  • The Vastness of the Universe

  • and more ....


By: Yusuf Al-Hajj Ahmad
Translator: Nasiruddin Al-Khattab
Pages: 358
Binding: Hardback
Size: 7x9.5"(17x24 cm)
Format: Full Color Printing
Shipping Weight: 2.50 lbs




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