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Science and Technology in Islamic History


Science and Islam have never been separate. Objective study of Islam pre that the holy Quran and the Sunnah have always given a tremendous boost to study the physical world and the laws that govern it. Hence, discoveries and inventions were the hallmarks of the Islamic civilization.

More recently, there has been a surge in the number of publications which deal with science, and its affiliation with Islam. These books have always focused on the various verses on the Quran which point to the physical world and prove that Science and Islam are inter-related with each other. However, there are still a few areas which have not been covered enough, like, historical development of science and technology in the Muslim world, and the factors that led to its rise and decline. The decline has been so harsh, that today the Muslims do not even realize that their fore-fathers were the acutual founders of Modern sciences. The living testimony to the original and revolutionary work of the Muslims itself is the use of common Arabic words used in the English language today like cotton, algebra, aorta, alcohol, chemistry, earth and alkaline.

This book focuses on the strides made by the Muslims in the various disciplines of science and technology, right from the early days of the Islamic State to its last days in the 20th century CE.

The uniqueness of this books lies in the fact that it brings forth to the reader, the chief factors that led to the quick advancement in science and technology and connects it all to Islam. Also, it analyses the reasons why the Muslim world declined in this field. Lastly, it also sheds light on the the Muslim world can achieve the same kind of success as we already have in the past.

About the Author

Shabeer Ahmad, born in 1966, is a respected technologist by profession. He studied Avionics Engineering at University of London. Currently, he is an IT Consultant, and has worked in Asia, Europe, Middle East and North America.

Shabeer Ahmad has written widely on a range of subjects in Islam, including science, economics, politics and history. The author is also a well respected speaker.

The book presented here was actually initiated as a lecture for a radio station in London. However, within very little time, it generated massive interest in the listeners, though with little information available. Hence, the author began to research more into historical developments of science in the Muslim world. He felt that the role of Muslims in this area have not been widely acknowledged, and that there is a dire need to contradict the view that Islam is incompatible with science. The current book is a culmination of his research over the years.

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