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Muslim Women - Rulings Pertaining to Muslim Women


This book deals with many important laws related to women who deal with aspects of day to day life, to special events. "The woman has been given a particular status in Islam. Great importance is attached to her position, and the Prophet, may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him used to give special guidance to women, and left his guidance for them in his speech at 'Arafaat."


All praise be to Allah who decreed and guided, and created the pairs, male and female, from a single drop. There is actually no God worthy of worship except Allah, alone without partners in worship. He is the one worthy of all praise. Muhammad, His Messenger, was raised to the heavens and shown the great Signs of his Lord. May the peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him, his family and Companions, the virtuous, and the people of intellect.

The woman has always been given great importance in Islam. Her position has always been considered to be of great significance. The guidelines given by The Propthet, in his speech at 'Arafaat has many points which prove that it is compulsory to pay special attention to women at all times, and particularly today, when the Muslim woman is singled out for attack, inorder to deprive her of her dignity and status. Hence, it is necessary to warn women of these dangers and explain to the them the true path which will lead them to success.

This book aims to to point to this path, as it contains some of the Islaamic laws specific to woman. This book is a small effort to achieve what is better, by taking greater and more liberal steps in this direction in the future.

This book has been divided into the following sections:
1..Chapter One: General Laws
2. Chapter Two: Laws Pertaining to the Beautification of the Body
3. Chapter Three: Laws Regarding Menstruation, False Menstruation And Lochia
4. Chapter Four: Laws Pertaining to Dressing and Hijab
5. Chapter Five: Laws Pertaining to the Woman and Her Salaat
6. Chapter Six: Laws Pertaining To Women Regarding Funerals
7. Chapter Seven: Laws Pertaining To Fasting
8. Chapter Eight: Laws Regarding Hajj and Umrah
9. Chapter Nine: Laws Regarding Marriage And Divorce
10. Chapter Ten: Laws That Protect The Honor Of The Woman And Her Chastity

Table of Contents

General Laws

1. The status of a woman before the age of Islaam
2. The status of women during the age of Islam
3. The desires of the enemies of Islaam and their lackeys with regard to stripping the Muslim woman of her honor and rights

Laws Pertaining To The Beautification Of The Body

The prohibitions regarding her hair and eyebrows,
and the ruling regarding dyeing and tinting the hair.

Laws Regarding Menstruation, False Menstruation & Lochia

1. Menstruation and laws pertaining to it
The age at which a Woman starts menstruating
Laws pertaining to the woman in menses
Note: Regarding yellowish and brownish discharges
Note: How does a woman know that her menstruation has ended?
What the woman must do at the end of her menses
The method of this cleansing (Ghusl)
Important Note
Istihaaduh (False Menstruation)
What the woman afflicted with this type of bleeding should do when she is considered to be in a state of purity
The Laws Regarding Lochia (Nifaas)
Rulings pertaining to Nifaas44
Another Note
The usage of pills
The Ruling concerning Abortion

Laws Pertaining To Dressing & Hijaab

A description of the Islaamic dress of a Woman
The Hijaab

Laws Pertaining To The Woman Regarding Her Salaat

Laws Pertaining To Women Regarding Funerals

Laws Pertaining To Fasting

Those on whom fasting is obligatory

Laws Pertaining To Hajj & 'Umra

Rulings specific to women on Hajj

Laws Pertaining To Marriage and Divorce

Taking the opinion of a woman about her marriage
The condition of a Wali (Gaurdian) in the Woman's Marriage
The ruling concerning beating the Duf (tambourine) by women in order to announce a wedding
The woman 's obedience to her husband and the prohibition of 'her disobedience to him
If the woman .sees that the husband does not want her, but she wishes to remain with him, what can she do to resolve the situation?
If the woman hates the man and she does not wish to remain with him, what could she do?
If the woman asks her husband for a divorce without any valid reason, what punishment does she deserve?
What the woman must do after the termination of her marriage
The Prohibitions Applicable to the Woman in Her 'Iddah
1. The Ruling Concerning Marriage Proposals To Her
2. It is haraam for a woman to contract a marriage with someone during her' Iddah.
Note: Two important facts in 'Iddah
3. The impermissible things for a woman after the death of her husband

Laws Which Protect The Nobility & Chastity Of A Woman


Other Sources:

Ar-Rashid (The Guide to the Right Path) - Allah's Name
Ar-Rauf (The Kind, The Pitying) - Allah's Name