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Real Life Lessons from The Holy Qur'an (HB)

Real Life Lessons from The Holy Qur'an (HB)


As Muslims we consider this life to be a test for the Hereafter, when giving worldly tests the first thing we do is that we cover the syllabus for the test, however when giving the test of our life we fail to cover the syllabus for the test, and that syllabus is the Noble Quran. This book is intended to do just that, i.e., to give the Muslims of the 21st century their syllabus for life in the form of life lessons from the Noble Qur'an. A word of caution here, this book is in no way, shape or form intended to be an alternative to reading the Quraan, but in fact this book is arranged in a format that encourages further reading and study the Qur'an.Allah says in the Quran: "(This is) a Book (the Quran) which we have sent down to you, full of blessings that they may ponder over its Verses, and that men of Understanding may remember" (38;29)This Verse summarizes my inspiration for writing this book and in this book I will provide over a hundred lessons for life derived from the Qur'an for the 21st century Muslim, I will have succeeded in my effort if this book helps Muslims understand their religion better and hence become better Muslims.The lessons in this book are meant to be powerful words of advice to Muslims who find themselves at a certain situation in their lives, the direct words of advice from Allah are quoted by quoting the Qur'an, and I provide an interpretation and an explanation to make it easier for the modern day Muslim to understand and use this advice practically.Structure of This BookThis book is divided into 5 chapters, and each chapter consists of several related life lessons derived from the Noble Qur'an. These lessons are meant to be as concise as possible, and at the same time as inspiring and helpful to the reader as possible.At a time when Muslims think twice before looking into the Qur'an for answers to their problems, I hope that this book of relevant life lessons from the Qur'an (that I was in immense need of during my teen years) will allow the Muslims of the 21st century to recognize the greatness of this miracle from God, and prevent them from making the same mistakes that I made during my life.I pray that Allah accepts this work from me and forgives me for any mistakes that may be present in this book, and I also pray that this book helps Muslims to come out of their 'days of ignorance'.Muhammad Bilal Lakhani Product Attributes:: Subtitle: Author: Muhammad Bilal Lakhani Binding: Hardback Pages: 127 Size in inches: 5.5x8x0.2 Size in CM: 14x20