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RAMADAN Excellent Merits and Virtuous Deeds


The Holy Month of Ramadan is of great importance for the Muslim Ummah. This blessed month offers endless opportunities of achieving Paradise and Allah's numerous blessings therefore it is important for all Muslims to know of its value and the blessings which could be had in this month. This is the month of fasting and prayer and there are certain deeds which if performed in certain parts of this month can help Muslims achieve Paradise. This book focuses on revealing these and educating Muslims in performing regluar 'Ibadah' in Ramadan.

- How will you welcome the blessed month of Ramadan?
- Will Ramadan be the same as any other month of the year?
- What are some of the important deeds, that one can do to acquire the most benefit from this blessed month?

From the practice of the

Other Sources: 

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