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Prophet Muhammad (S) as a Teacher



Pages: 304

Binding: Paperback

SKU/ISBN: 9780206660666

Size: 5.5x8.3" (14x21 cm)

By: Dr. S. Dawood Shah


We all know who the Prophet Muhammad (S) was. A Messenger of Allah, the light of Islam, a beacon of truth. Yet he was also so much more. Amongst many of his qualities was his ability to teach and guide his disciples towards proper morals and manners. So what were they ?

  • A Description of the Holy Prophet (S) as a human being as well as a prophet to the Lord with a character un-paralleled
  • Various stories that highlight his various teaching abilities and skills that far superseded anyone else's in humanity's history
  • His mission in changing the educational, ethical and the social aspects and scenarios of the Arabian Peninsula
  • A Beautifully illustrated paperback portraying the Holy prophet (S) as a light that shone over the millions of people who have learnt and benefited from his teachings.

A Teacher whose teachings and guidelines that have stood immortalized  through the tests of time, they are to be read and re read to perfectly understand that the teachings methods and his messages are flawless because it was through him that Allah taught the world so much.

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