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Mushaf Tawafuqat (Turkish Script)

Mushaf Tawafuqat (Turkish Script)


Beautiful large deluxe hardback Mushaf Tawafuq (Turkish script). Full color printing with choice of different color covers.What is Tawafuq? What does “the miracle of Tawafuq in the Qur’an” mean?Tawafuq means synchronization of the words with each other. Especially the synchronicities which allude that they are not random and out of chance but based on a divine purpose and will are called Tawafuq.And the Tawafuq miracle in the Qur’an is synchronicity of 2806 names ‘Allah’ with each other with a few very rare and specifically suitable exceptions. In 604 pages of the Qur’an the name ‘Allah’ is repeated more than once on every page.These words synchronize with each other either coming on top of each other in the same page or overlapping each other in the opposite pages or again overlapping each other this time in different faces of the same sheet or sometimes overlapping each other meaningfully while there are pages between them. The same kind of synchronicity can be seen with the words ‘Rabb, Qur’an and Rasul’ and there is also other kind of Tawafuq (synchronicity).It took a life time (42 years from 1932 to 1974) from dedicated Ahmed Husrev Efendi to write this edition of The Holy Quran in this wonderful way and in his own handwriting to come out with this magnificent synchronization.The book is written by hand in a very beautiful and eye easing way, the way it's written would also help those who want to be "Hafiz".Printed in Turkey.Certified and sealed by the Directorate of Religious Affairs of Turkey and Al-Azhar University. Product Attributes:: Subtitle: Author: Binding: Hardback Pages: 635 Size in inches: 6.5x9.5x1.25 Size in CM: 16.5x24.5x3