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Knowing Allah's Books & the Quran


By: Muhammad al-Jibaly
Pages: 105
Binding: Paperback
Size: 6.5x9.5"(17x24 cm)
Format: 2 Color
SKU/ISBN: 9781891229848
Edition: 2nd

Brief Synopsis:

Learn more about Allahs books revealed to other prophets. There is a detailed commentary on the fundamentals of Islam and Eman.


This book is part of the series of 6 books that each have a target of working on the fundamental Islamic principles known as Eemaan, which are important for a Muslim to have in order to believe in Islam and Allah from the Heart, All Authentic proof is taken from the Quran as well as the Authentic Sunnah of the Holy Prophet (s). The language of the book is easy to read, with simple words used so that the reader could easily read it out and understand despite having a weak control over the language. All books, including the Quran. Are mentioned in detail along with their stories and their prophets. Why the Quran supersedes these books. A must read for every Muslim or for those willing to learn about Islam, as well as about the book of Allah, that guides the willing flock towards the hereafter.

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