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Just A Reminder - Islamic Poetry


In this book the author wrote a few short poems that were written within the context of the Quran and the Sunnah. He has also gathered some amazing true-life inspirational stories. By the will of Allah (swt)... some poems will make you happy if you were sad, lift you up if you were down, and hopefully by reading the inspirational stories will make you praise Allah (swt).

About the Author:

Jawaad Salahudeen (T. Adams) was born in North Carolina. He embraced Islam in Rhode island in 1991, but presently resides in Buffalo, New: York. He continues to give Dawaah to this beautiful Deen of Allah (swt) as was taught by the Prophet(saw) and those Three Generations.

I have seen many Poets and read many writings, but this is spirituality passionate. This book speaks to the soul of mankind, and a sincere reminder to any believer. Thank Allah for inspiring this brother, because he not only speaks it.. he lives it! -Quadir Q boogie Habeeb.

Other Sources:

Al-Gafur (The Much-Forgiving) - Allah's Name Al-Ghafur
Al-Ghaffar (The Repeatedly Forgiving) - Allah's Name