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Decorative Wooden Mabakhir Incense Burner with carved Design


Mabakhir is used to burn oud fragrance wood.  Although Mabakhirs were traditionally made out of soft stone or clay but now they are made of wood and metal (like this model). 
This one is a wooden Mabakhir, and had metal chips put up decoratively to add to the show. The main attraction of this Mabakhir is the artistically done design on the wooden body of the mabakhir.

About Mabakhirs:

The square pedestal base of the Mabakhir has inward sloping sides which support a square cup with outward sloping sides. The wooden base is carved out to form legs of the Mabakhir. The upper inside cup is lined with a metal sheet. Today’s modern variations of the Mabakhir retain the traditional shape, but are normally decorated with colored metals or mirrors or stones, and are available in various sizes.

The craft of making Mabakhir is practiced today mainly by artisans living in Hail, a northern province of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Mabakhir today is so integral to the Saudi Arabians that a lot of artists, sculptors and architects have included it in their designs as a decorative landscape element. There are large mabakhir shaped sculptures that adorn the public areas of Riyadh and Jeddah today. A bronze mabakhir stands tall in the public gardens surrounding the water tower in Riyadh, and a large granite mabkhara is a renowned landmark in the Hamra section of Jeddah.

This model in particular is a wooden Mabakhir, handmade by the artisans of Hail, a province of Saudi Arabia. The top has mirrors arranged in a nice design on the wooden plates.