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Bearing True Witness


Bearing True Witness

(Or, "Now that I've Found Islam, What Do I Do With It?")

Dr. Brown, an ophthalmologist practitioner is a revert to Islam and the author of numerous ground-breaking books of Islamic Dawah (i.e., invitation). The First and Final Commandment, his first book, is a wide-ranging argument supporting the Islamic claim of continuity of revelation. Bearing True Witness, the present book is designed to assist the new convert in navigating the more controversial issues of their new, chosen religion of Islam. This book is inspired, assisted and approved by Shaykh Abu Ammaar Yasir Qadhi, as well as Dr. Brown's other works, which are available online through his website, WWW.LEVELTRUTH.COM.

Other Sources: 

Fear and Taqwa for Allah - Surah Shuara Verse 131-134 Quran
Fear the Day of judgement - Surah Hajj Verse 12 Quran