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Arabic: Mawsu'atul Aa'dab al-Islamiyah (2 Vol. Set)


Book Information:

By: Abdullah Ibn Muhammad Al-Mu'ataz
Pages: 2138
Binding: Hardback
Size: 7x9.5x2.5" (18x24.5x2 cm)


This book is a source of detailed information about the methods of living life according to the teachings of Islam.

  • The book has excessive guidelines on how to follow the right path which would lead to making Allah satisfied. 
  • The book also teaches the methods to perform different religious practices like Salat, Hajj, Fasting and Zakat etc. This brings about a very useful source for people as they can find information about all the fundamentals of Islam in one book. 
  • The book also provides information about the different elements of faith and delivers guidance to the Muslims to strengthen their faith. 
  • Islamic laws and regulations about different societal issues are also present in this book to make people aware of all the fundamental ideologies of life. 

The book also teaches Muslims how to ask for forgiveness from Allah for their evil deeds. All the proper ways to pray and ask for His mercy are mentioned in this book.
Teachings on treatment of siblings, relatives and especially parents are also made part of this marvelous book.

The book teaches the correct way to remember Allah and act upon the teachings of Islam. Application of Sunna of the Holy Prophet (SAW) in one's life has also been emphasized in this book.


Other Sources:


Do not Argue with People of the Book - Surah Ankabut Verse 46 Quran
Do Not Despair of Allah's Mercy - Surah Al-Hijr Verse 56 Quran