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Al-Lulu Wal Marjan - Pearls & Corals (2 Vol. Set) - Collection of Authentic Hadith

Al-Lulu Wal Marjan - Pearls & Corals (2 Vol. Set) - Collection of Authentic Hadith


Brief Synopsis:

A collection of agreed-upon Ahadith from Al-Bukhari and Muslim, which have been titled as diamonds and pearls due to the value and authenticity of the ahadith. A masterpiece book translated into a very simple English language for every kind of reader. It should be a part of the personal collection of books of each Muslim.

Author Fu'wad Abdul Baqi
Translator Dr. Muhammad Muhsin Khan
Binding Hardback
Pages 1015
Size in Inches 7x10
Size in CM 17x24
Format Arabic-English
Weight (lbs) 4.08


Al-Lolo Wal Marjaan Vol 1 ISBN:9660-740-67-6
Vol 2 ISBN:9660-740-68-4


This is a selection of superior Ahadith from Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim. These Ahadith have been rendered more valuable because of their authenticity. This book is by Fuwad Abdul Baqi and is translated into English by Dr. Muhammad Muhsin Khan. Some features of this book include:
  • Ahadith related to Faith, purification, Salat, places of worship, Friday Prayer and other prayers.
  • All Ahadith have been neatly classified according to topic. The classification includes division into books: The book of Al-Musaqat and The book of Al-Faraid ctc. Then each book has division of chapters. This division and classification makes the act of locating ahadith easier for readers.
  • Arabic text is accompanied by English translation. Simple and easy English has been used to ensure maximum understanding of the contents.
  • Arabic and English texts co-exist in two columns on each page of the book.

This book is a gem for even the lay readers can easily read and comprehend hundreds and thousands of Ahadith and improve their lives according to the knowledge gained.

  • Extensive Coverage: This compilation spans various aspects of the Islamic faith, including topics such as faith, purification, Salat (prayer), places of worship, Friday Prayer, and other prayers. Whether you seek guidance on these subjects or a deeper understanding, this book set has you covered.
  • Organized for Easy Reference: The Ahadith have been meticulously classified according to topic, ensuring a seamless reading experience. Divided into books such as "The book of Al-Musaqat" and "The book of Al-Faraid," each section further branches into specific chapters. This systematic arrangement empowers readers to locate relevant Ahadith effortlessly.
  • Bilingual Presentation: The book set features Arabic text alongside its English translation. With both languages side by side, you can engage with the original Arabic text while conveniently comprehending its meaning in English. The use of simple and easy-to-understand English ensures that readers of all backgrounds can benefit from this treasure trove of knowledge.
  • Reader-Friendly Design: Each page of this book is thoughtfully designed with Arabic and English texts co-existing in two columns. This layout not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also facilitates an uninterrupted reading experience. Dive into hundreds and thousands of Ahadith with ease, and let the wisdom gained positively impact your life.

Whether you're a seasoned scholar, a student of Islamic studies, or a curious reader eager to deepen your understanding of the Ahadith, this book set is a true gem. Its accessibility makes it a valuable resource for everyone, including lay readers like yourself.


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