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A Well Guarded Treasure


This book is an autobiography presented by Iman Daglas, an American woman who was Christian before. She has mentioned the ethical and moral values of Islam in the viewpoint of current brawl between covetousness and the search for truth and eternal peace.

It is led to believe that Islam has repressed women...... that in Islam women are second-class citizens, and they have no rights. Actually, contrary to belief, Islam is the first religion to give women their rights, and this book clearly proves that a Muslim woman wearing proper Hijab is truly a well-guarded treasure.

This book sought scientific trustworthiness, by presenting only the correct Ahadith and authentic reports.

Other Sources:

About the Day of Resurrection - Surah Al-Anbiya Verse 104 Quran

About the Judgement Day - Surah Taha Verse 108, Quran