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22 Apr '16

The Belief of "Hell" in Islam

Publicado por Nosheen Z en Belief of "Hell" in Islam
The belief in Hell, or Jahannam, is compulsory on all Muslims. It is the fear of the Hellfire that prompts Muslims to spend their worldly days in prayer and obedience to Allah.

The Quran has many graphic descriptions of Hell as a warning to Muslims of what they will suffer should they make partners with Allah in worship or disobey the commandments of his messenger, Muhammad (may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him).

Some of aspects of the Hellfire are as follows:

  • Fuel: the fuel of the Hellfire is that of men and stones, as Allah says in the Quran, Surah al Baqarah, verse 24: “then fear the Fire, whose fuel is men and stones, …..”
  • Heat – the Hellfire is 70 times hotter than the hottest fires of Earth. In a narration from Bukhari, the Prophet said: “Fire as we know it is one seventieth part of the Fire of Hell. It is as if sixty-nine equal portions were added to the fire as we know it.”
  • Food – the food for the residents of the Hellfire will neither nourish them nor provide them with relief from hunger. In Surah Al Ghashiya, verses 6-7, Allah says: “No food will there be for them except from a poisonous, thorny plant which neither nourishes nor avails against hunger.”
  • Length of stay – not everyone will be in the Hellfire forever. Those who have not worshipped other than Allah but may have sinned during his or her life may be placed in the Hellfire for a period of time and Allah, should He wish, may take them out and give them Paradise. However, those who have worshipped other than Allah (idols, prophets, saints, animals, trees etc), and believed that these objects could help them as only Allah can and died in that state, they will be in the Hellfire forever. Allah knows best.
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