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22 Apr '16

Holy Books in Islam

Publicado por Nosheen Z en Holy Books in Islam

Throughout the ages, Allah revealed scriptures to some of His selected prophets. Muslims must believe in Allah’s books, and it is one of the key articles of faith that keep a Muslim within the fold of Islam.

The final book of Allah is the Quran, revealed to His final messenger, Muhammad (may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him). The Quran has been unchanged since it was revealed 1,400 years ago and remains in its original language.

Some fundamental Islamic beliefs regarding the books of Allah include:

  • Injeel – this is the book revealed to Jesus and known commonly as the Gospel. However, Muslims do not consider the Gospel, as it exists today, the word of God as they it has been changed many times and does not exist in its original language.
  • Taurat – this is the Torah, revealed to Moses. Like the New Testament, Muslims do not believe that the Torah survived time in terms of content and original language of revelation.
  • Zaboor – this is the book revealed to prophet Dawood (David), known commonly as the Psalms. Allah says in the Quran (Surah Israa, verse 55): “And it is your Lord that knoweth best all beings that are in the heaven and on earth: We did bestow on some Prophets more (and other) gifts than on others: and We gave to David (the gift of) the Psalms.”
  • Superiority of Quran – the Quran encompasses previous books and adds to it, with the Prophet saying that the Mufassal surahs (short chapters) gives the Quran its raised status. The Prophet said: “I have been given the long seven Surahs instead of the Torah, I have been given the Mi’un Surahs instead of the Psalms, I have been given the Mathani Surahs instead of the Gospel and I have been privileged with the Mufassal portion". (Al-Imâm Ahmed 2/107). (Buy Quran here)


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