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21 Apr '16

The "Hereafter" or Day of Judgement in Islam (Also called "Akhirah")

Publicado por Nosheen Z en Day of Judgement in Islam

Belief in the Day of Judgement, or Al Qiyamah, is compulsory on all Muslims, with the concept being part of the six articles of Islamic faith.

It is the Day that will mark the end of the world - a day in which Allah will resurrect all of mankind who had ever lived on the Earth to judge them by their deeds and assign for them Paradise or the Hellfire.



Day of Judgement in Islam



The people will be gathered on a featureless, flat expanse of ground and the sun will be so near that some people will be submerged in their own sweat, the level of which depends on how evil or good they were during their life on Earth.

Muslims are urged to prepare for this Day by following as closely as they can the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him) and worshipping no one but Allah.

Some important aspects of the Day of Judgement include: 

Surety – Muslims must believe that this Day will occur. As Allah says in the Quran, Surah Al Hud, verse 103: “In that is a Sign for those who fear the penalty of the Hereafter: that is a Day for which mankind will be gathered together: that will be a Day of Testimony. Nor shall We delay it but for a term appointed.”

Time – No one knows when the Day of Judgment will be, not even the Prophet or the Angel Jibrael (Gabriel), as mentioned in a narration in which the Angel asked Muhammad (may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him) when the Hour was, and the Prophet replied: “The person being asked has as much knowledge about this as the one asking.”

Major signs – there are many signs that point to the Day of Judgment, and one of the biggest signs is the rising of the sun in the west. Once this happens, Allah will no longer accept any prayers. For those who disbelieved, they will see for real what they had disbelieved in.

Start – the Day of Judgment will start when the Angel Israfil blows the horn.

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