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16 Aug '16

Turkish Americans and Turkish American Muslims

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Turkish Americans

According to some estimates, United Sates is home to around 350,000 Americans of Turkish descent. Most Turks hail from Muslim and Islamic Sunni background. Amongst them, the biggest concentration of Turkish Americans is in New York and in California.

Interesting fact to be mentioned here is that Turkish American community has been identified as “Key Heritage Community” by US authorities. Furthermore Turkish has been regarded as a “critical language” by US State department.

Turkish Americans have shown notable achievements in diverse fields. Notable names include Mehmet Oz, an American doctor, Muhtar Kent, Kenan Sahin, the founder of Kenan Systems and the CEO of Coca-Cola company.

Turkish Americans take pride in celebrating their heritage and share it along with fellow Americans. Turkish and Islamic cultural festivals in United States give Americans a glimpse of Turkey. A great example is Turkish Day Parade in New York that is an annual celebration of Turkish American Heritage.

No doubt, the heritage, handwork and ingenious talent of Turkish Americans is a sign of Turkish Americans being a role model for other immigrants.

Turkish American and Muslim Businesses in USA

There are top-class business ventures by Turkish Americans. Let’s probe into the details:


Chobani was founded by Turkish American, Hamdi Ulukaya. Chobani is known to make America’s best Greek yogurt with natural ingredients and is not genetically modified.


A great example of Turkish Americans business success story. This pizza chain is quite popular for maintain their quality and taste. It has won award for crafting artisan pizza using family recipes.


Turkish Kitchen is one of the famous restaurants in Manhattan.  It has great quality, service and décor that attracts customers towards this restaurant.


Kent Corporation is a family owned corporation that has operating subsidiaries that are involved in corn wet milling, production of animal feeds and food products.


Felicis Ventures is a venture capital firm that specializes in incubation, angel investments and finance related services in United States.


The hotel offers spacious suites and other amenities to it’s prestigious companies. It is amongst the top restaurants in New York.


Comodo is a group of companies that provide computer software and SSL certificates. The company is based in New jersey in United States.

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