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18 Aug '16

Bangladeshi American Muslims

Publicado por Laila T

Bangladeshi Muslims in USA (Bangladeshi Americans)

In 2014, 0.046% of American population was reported Bangladeshi and it was supposed to increase in the coming years because of rapid growth of Bangladeshi immigrants to America.

The major proportion of Bangladeshi community living in USA is Bengalis, Sylhetis. These include either the migrants or Americans from the Bangladeshi descent.

Bangladeshi Muslims flock to America during early 1970s and within a decade it was amongst the fastest growing ethnic communities. 

The significant Bangladeshi population lives in California, Florida, Illinois, Texas, New Jersey, Michigan, Wisconsin and New York City.

New York City is home to the biggest Bangladeshi community with the highest number of legal, permanent residents migrated from Bangladesh.  

Bangladeshi Businesses and Centres in USA

The Bangladesh Plaza located at the Jackson heights in New York City. It is one of the biggest Bangladeshi centres in America that hosts a large number of businesses by Bangladeshi Americans. These include travel and real estate agencies, salons, garment stores, clinics, and even a taxi driving school. Bangladeshis also organize their cultural events in the same plaza.

74th Street is famous for Bangladeshi grocery and garment stores in Jackson Heights, NYC.

Founded by Edmond Yau and Shahryar Haq, Razor Enterprises-a courier service company is based in Jamaica, NY. Its operating since 1996 as Bangladeshi Freight Forwarder.

Lucky New York Salon & Spa is owned by Bangladeshi American named Nahar Lucky.

U.S. National Lines, Inc. is a Bangladeshi shipping and freight logistics company founded in 1994 in New York City. Currently it’s located at 25 Jericho Turnpike Jericho, NY.

Laboni R. Dina is a Bangladeshsi American Muslim residing in New York and owns Bangla Fashion-an online fashion store since 2008.    

Almost every big American city has a Bengali restaurant. For instance, Neerob in Bronx, NY, Royal Bengal Restaurant in Boston, Massachusetts and Aladdin Restaurant in Arlington,Virginia, etc are notable spots for Bengali cuisine and Halal food in America.  

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