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15 May '16


Publicado por Priyanka S en Islamic World

Morocco lies across the Strait of Gibraltar on the Mediterranean from the north and the Atlantic Ocean from the northwest. It is bordered by Algeria to the east and Mauritania from the south and is famous for the Atlas Mountains, which run northeastwards from the south to near Algeria.

Morocco - Facts and Figures

  • Official name is Kingdom of Morocco.
  • Morocco’s terrain is diverse. The northern coast and interior are mountainous, large areas of which border plateaus. The coastal plains near the Atlantic Ocean are rich and fertile.
  • Climate is Mediterranean becoming more extreme as you move inland.
  • Morocco’s land borders total 2,017 in length while its coastline is 1,825 kilometers.
  • Area: 446,550 sq km, of which 446,300 sq km is land and 250 sq km sis water.
  • Berbers have been natives of Morocco for centuries before the Arabs brought Islam at the end of the seventh century. Achieved independence from France in 1956.
  • Population of Morocco is almost 33.5 million, with Arab-Berbers accounting for 99.1%.
  • The official language is Arabic. Also spoken are the Berber dialects and French in business, government and diplomacy.
  • Muslims make up 99% of the population while the rest are Christians.
  • Capital is Rabat. Other large cities are Casablanca, Fez and Marrakech.
  • Major exports are clothing, fish, inorganic chemicals, transistors, crude minerals, fertilizers, petroleum products, fruits and vegetables.
  • The local currency is the dirham.
  • Agricultural products are barley, wheat, citrus, wine, vegetables, olives and livestock.
  • Major trading partners include France, Spain, United Kingdom, Italy, United States, Germany, Russia, Saudi Arabia and China.
  • Government is a constitutional monarchy.


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