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17 May '16


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What is the main difference between the Abaya of Muslim and non-Muslim women?

Probably the most significant difference between Muslim and non-Muslim women with regards to Abaya is that Muslim women are more willing to invest more in this clothing. They know that this is part of their lifestyle while for the non-Muslim woman, they are just adapting to the local way of dressing.

Why do some Muslim women wear Abaya while others dont?

While majority of Muslim women believe that wearing Abaya is a total requirement, there are also some who think that modesty is a state of mind. Instead of being covered, a small portion of Muslim women think that they can better demonstrate modesty through their behavior towards men and other people.

Does the color of the Abaya mean anything?

Generally, Muslim women can wear whatever color they want as long as it does not generate unnecessary attention to themselves. Because of this, the popular Abaya colors include green, gray, blue, black, and other earth-tone colors. But in several countries, black is the preferred color.


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