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Your Right to Self-Identify: My Right to Disagree

Your Right to Self-Identify: My Right to Disagree


In today’s world, a new social contagion is being spread by provocateurs and social media influencers who are determined to pressure people into accepting falsehood over truth. Battle lines have been drawn on both sides of the debate regarding “Transgenderism” and the mental health effects of Gender Dysphoria. As the battle rages, the First Amendments Rights of Freedom of Speech which protects people’s rights to say unpopular things without government interference, and the right to refuse to say things the government wants to be said, are being called into question.The minority group argues that it is their right to “Self-Identify” as whatever they wish in order to accommodate their thoughts and feelings instead of accepting their bodily realities, thereby defying biological design in the process. In response, the majority fight to maintain their right to disagree with people who psychologists say suffer from mental health issues. Common sense and basic language are being challenged and unfamiliar and innovative words have been invented to define one hundred and twelve genders, as claimed by Transgender Activists. This recent phenomenon leaves society to face many provocative questions.Should the thoughts and feelings of one group override another group's desire to rely on truth and biological facts? Who is oppressing whom? For the God-Conscious, what role does our Creator play in it all? Product Attributes:: Subtitle: Author: Kenny Bomer Binding: Paperback Pages: 227 Size in inches: 6x9xx0.6 Size in CM: 15.5x22.5x1.5