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The Fragile Vessels - Rights and Obligations Between the Spouses in Islam



The Fragile Vesselsdeals with the rights and obligations of spouses. Islam has covered numerous aspects of marriage and has stressed upon the important roles spouses must play. Marriage is an important social institution and Islam has clear tidings about it. The rites and rituals of marriage have been distinctly defined by the teachings of Islam. This book reflects upon marriage in Islam and how it should take place.

The book refers to the Quran to explain the duties and responsibilities of the husbands towards wives and of the wives towards their husbands. There are rules for Nikah, Maher, and other essentials which are discussed to benefit the readers. Inferences from the life of Prophet Muhammad have been devised to show Muslims how spouses must behave and take care of their rights and obligations. This knowledge can help readers improve their lives.

The book also contains biographies of Umhat-ul-Momineen – the Mothers of the Believers to depict a realistic picture of the ideal marital relationships. A complete discussion of the Hadeeth of Ummar Zar is also there. This enriched knowledge can enlighten the readers about the matters related to marriage and will encourage them to cherish positive relationships with their spouses. It can prove a valuable gift for ones spouse at the time of marriage. The beauty and depth of its contents will warm the hearts and strengthen the new bond between spouses. References to the authentic Sunnah make its contents more valuable and beneficial for the readers as there are precious examples and messages for the Muslim Ummah in the life of Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

This book answers all questions and confusion resulting from the practices of the modern civilization and brings to light a fresh Islamic perspective of marriage. The knowledge provided in the Fragile Vessels is highly beneficial for readers who are not currently living in an Islamic society. The book has been written to benefit Muslims residing in English speaking countries. The people who have little access to true Islamic knowledge of the matters related to marriage. The book has been authored by Muhammad al-Jibaly a great Muslim scholar of today and is a must have for those who want to attain knowledge of the Islamic perspective of marriage.

A must for every Muslim couple as a reminder of rights for each spouse to the other. As you read this book, you will be enlightened about the following topics:


  • An essential bond

  • Shared Obligations and Shared Rewards

  • Excellence of Good Manners

  • Avoiding foul language

  • Avoiding Arguing and Quarrelling

  • Importance of Communication

  • Aiding each other in acts of worship and Obedience

  • Fulfilling each other's desires

  • Woman's rights in Islam

  • Wife's Rights in Islam

  • An important obligation upon the Husband

  • The Great sin of Neglect

  • Token of Husband's Good nature

  • Looking at the Wife's better side

  • Fairness and Justice

  • Disapproval of Hitting

  • Showing Gratitude

  • The Best of Women

  • Raising Children

  • Examples of Ideal Muslim Women in History

  • Apparent and Hidden Problems

  • and more ....



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