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Seven Surahs Textbook by Iqra International

Seven Surahs Textbook by Iqra International


The selected seven sûrahs have their own particular qualities and they each contain important spiritual, ethical and legal themes. This textbook is designed for the junior-high classroom. The sûrahs covered within are Al-Fâtihah, Yâ-Sîn, Ar-Rahmân, Al-Jumu’ah, As-Saff, Al-Mulk and Al-‘Asr.

Author: Dr. Abidullah Ghazi
Format: Paperback
Ages: Middle School
Language: Arabic and English
Theme: School
Pages: 126
Dimensions: (8" X 11")
This is a textbook of Qur'anic reading, understanding and knowledge for junior high students. The selected seven surahs have their own special importance and cover almost all the important themes of the Qur'an:
  • Tawhid
  • Risalah
  • Al-Akhirah
  • Qiyamah
  • the pleasures of Jannah
  • and the ordeals of Jahannam.
This volume covers the following surahs:
  • Surat Al-Fatihah
  • Ya Sin
  • Ar-Rahman
  • As-Saff
  • Al-Jumu'ah
  • Al-Mulk
  • Al-'Asr
As with our earlier textbooks, Juz 'Amma: 30 Parts 1 and 2, adults will find this textbook equally useful. The book is designed especially for the junior-high classroom and for organized study (both individual and group) where each surah starts with an introduction and is divided into several ruku' (section). Each lesson deals with one ruku' (section) containing Arabic text, two simplified translations ('Abdullah Yusuf 'Ali and M.M. Pickthal), explanations, important points to learn and reflect upon, a detailed glossary of difficult words, and a complete vocabulary of the Arabic text. Three appendices explain the signs of the ayah, Arabic transliteration and Islamic invocations. A detailed introduction provides important guidance for teachers, parents and readers.