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Selected Fatawa for Women


This booklet offers reliable knowledge and guidance Islam provides for directing Muslim women in their daily routine life. It covers methods and issues related to prayer, the household, marital relationships and other matters related to the feminine world. Women are important members of the society as the fate of generations is in their hands therefore it is essential for them to be better equipped with the knowledge of Islam and what it has to say about their status and responsibilties. This booklet is very useful in this regard.

Darussalarn presents this booklet with the intention of providing information, knowledge and wisdom of the Islamic teachings to the women.

The increasing important roles that women are playing in today's world highlight the importance of
providing them the correct and reliable information Islam furnishes about them.

The Islamic rulings that appear in the form of Fatawa in this booklet are from the highest scholarly
sources of our Holy Land and encompass those subjects and topics which are related to the
daily routines and acts of worship.

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