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Religious Extremism

Religious Extremism


“In this work, the noted author Dr. Shaikh Abdul-Rahmaan al-Luwaihiq has concentrated on many of the manifestations of extremism found in the Arab world. However, upon closer inspection, one will readily note that many of the ideas which Dr. al-Luwaihiq critiques can be found in many Muslim communities. Indeed, Dr. al-Luwaihiq touches upon many topics of direct concern to Muslim minorities living in the West. For example, he addresses the following topics:The definition of extremism and its parameters from a Shareeah perspectiveThe place and importance of the hijrahThe ruling for the hijrah under different circumstancesThe definition of taqleed and the limits of its acceptabilityThe concept of jamaah and the question of making an oath of allegiance to a group's leaderThe ruling of taking a governmental post under a tyrant Muslim rulerThe Shareeah conditions and parameters for declaring another Muslim a disbelieverThese are the kinds of issues that Muslims are often confused about. Dr. al-Luwaihiq has also done an excellent job in the way that he handles these issues. He does not simply present the views of the extremists and critique them. Instead, he presents the issue from the point of view of the scholars of the ahl al-Sunnah wa al-Jamaah. If there is a difference of opinion on an issue, he presents the issue in detail, giving all of the relevant proofs for each viewpoint. Then he tries to determine the strongest view on the issue. It is only after presenting the correct view that he evaluates the extremists. He allows them, by quoting them at length, to present their own viewpoint. After that, he gives a critical analysis of their viewpoints and clearly shows where and how they have erred. This is indeed an excellent and very beneficial approach that he has followed." Product Attributes:: Subtitle: Author: Dr. Abdul Rahmaan ibn Mualaa al-Luuwaihiq al- Mutairi Binding: Hardback Pages: 643 Size in inches: 7x9.5x1.5 Size in CM: 17x24x4