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Quran Mushaf Uthmani Golden (Green)

Quran Mushaf Uthmani Golden (Green)



Get Multiple Quran Mushaf Copies as gifts. One of the best gifts you can give to others.

Standard size Arabic Mushaf Uthmani with 15 lines per page with a beautiful green cover and golden page edges. Mushaf has blue page border with solid black text printing. Ayah stops have an additional magenta color around them.

Includes Dua Khatam Quran at the end also. See the picture below.

(A Mushaf is an Arabic word for a codex or collection of sheets, but also refers to a written copy of the Quran. The chapters of the Quran, which Muslims believe was revealed during a 23-year period in Muhammad's lifetime, were written on various pieces of paper during Muhammad's era. Two decades later, these papers were assembled into one volume under the third caliph, Uthman ibn Affan, and this collection has formed the basis of all written copies of the Quran to the present day.)

Binding Hardback
Pages 609
Size in Inches 5.5x7.7x1.5
Size in Centimeters 14x19.5x3.5
Actual Weight 1.55

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