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Psychology from the Islamic Perspective


By: Aisha Utz
Pages: 351
Binding: Hardback
Size: 6x8.7" (15x22 cm)
SKU/ISBN: 9786035011082
Edition: 1st (2011)

Brief Synopsis:

This is an Islamic study of human psychology that shows the connections of this field of study with Islam. There are solutions to many psychological problems in the Quran.


We all have studied psychology one way or another, with different topics resulting in different results and achievements, however, have you ever studied psychology with keeping religion, or more specifically, Islam in mind? If not then this is a great opportunity for you learn about it in an entirely new way. Multiple facets of psychology are connected to the Quran as well as known events in Islamic History. Verses that have a link to the subject are utilized along with the Holy Prophets Sunnah so that they can be linked to Islam and psychology at the same time. An uncomplicated yet comprehensive book, written by the author with an intention for the reader to read the book without difficulty and understand the concepts written. Allah has given us a beautiful mind to utilize, and it would be a shame that we are not able to learn about our psyches as well as should, this book enforces the concepts that are currently existing, yet it also focuses on the need of having Islam in our lives in order to achieve a psychological level of peace in our minds.

Other Sources:

Everything prostates (performs sajda) to Allah - Surah Hajj Verse 18 Quran
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