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Passport to English (5 Book Set) - Learn Conversational American English


Brief Synopsis: 

This language course has been designed to teach conversational American English to learners in a set of five books. These books target building good communication skills in English language. The learner is taught to use American English in daily life situations encountered at home, leisure, work or social life. Major qualities of this course include:

  • Five books, out of which four books are with twenty units comprising of vocabulary words, and expressions to be used in context.
  • Grammar is taught through an essentially communicative approach.
  • Fifth book has jokes and short stories – literature to entertain the reader and familiarize the learner with the written script.
  • Very useful when associated with the Language Master device where learners can listen to texts from these course books, record in his own voice and listen to improve his communication skills.

This is a complete and comprehensive English language communication course for those who want to acquire remarkable communication skills in this language. The course books in this set are attractively illustrated to the benefit of the learner.


Passport to English
A Foundation Course in Speaking Conversational English

This English course is intended for those individuals who would like to learn basic conversational American English. Its primary goal is to help such learners develop the ability to communicate in English according to the situation, purpose and roles of the participants. The learner is presented throughout the course with natural and useful language, and is taught how to use English for everyday life situations and purposes related to many aspects of life including work, social life and leisure.

Each unit begins with the vocabulary words and expressions intended to be used in the unit out of context; some other units begin with the grammatical points to be covered in them. Grammar points are carefully graded in the course. There is no explanation of grammatical points, as this places a great burden on the learner's shoulders and tends to put him off learning the language altogether. Therefore, grammatical points have been presented communicatively through the use of a variety of short conversations that will help give the learner an idea of how they can be accurately used.

The course consists of five books. The first four books comprise twenty units each, each of which has two review units to consolidate language learnt in the previous units. The fifth book is a collection of true short stories and a few hilarious jokes in straightforward English to entertain the learner and familiarize him with written English.

It is strongly recommended to use these books in conjunction with the Language Master device for maximum benefit. This device, which combines learning and fun, has a number of features that will certainly help the learner derive great benefit from the course. By using this device, the learner will be able to listen to any text in these books, repeat after the recorded text, record his own voice, compare his own voice with the original voice, and choose the speed level he desires for maximum understanding and learning. All these activities can be simply carried out at the touch of a button!

Table of Contents:


  • The Alphabet
  • What’s your name?
  • Saying Hello
  • Saying Goodbye
  • What’s this?
  • Is this a pen?
  • What are these?
  • Are these apples?
  • Numbers
  • Review of Units 1-9
  • Where are you from?
  • What’s your job?
  • What’s your nationality?
  • What color’s your car?
  • What color are you pens?
  • What’s the Matter? What’s Wrong?
  • Where’s he from?
  • How old are you?
  • More Practice
  • Review of Units 11-19

Other Sources:

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