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Important Lessons for Muslim Women (Muslim marriage, divorce and more)


Seeking knowledge is the duty of every Muslim, may it be a man or a woman. However, the type and extent for each individual varies according to their needs.

It is essential for a women too, to be knowledgeable in order to fulfill their duties. But they find it difficult to seek knowledge due to moral conditions and diffidence restricitions.

This book has been published, keeping the aforesaid in mind to provide knowledge to women in matters of faith, acts of worship, details about purification, problems of marriage and divorce, and other important issues that relate to women.

A list of selected topics covered in the book include –


  • The religious knowledge that a Muslim woman may need
  • Individual Obligations (Furood Ayn)
  • Communal Obligations
  • Etiquette of Married Life
  • Rights of Husband that a Muslimah must be aware of
  • Rulings on marriage proposals and marriage
  • Rulings on Khula (Separation)
  • The Fiqh of Divorce / Talaaq and important rulings thereon
  • Women specific issues as pertaining to praying and other Ibadat
  • General issues related to faith and practicing Islam
  • Issues on Practicing Modesty
  • Conditions of the marriage contract being valid
  • And more……


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