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Life is a Fading Shadow

Life is a Fading Shadow


This is a very enlightening booklet concerning the life of this world. This world is nothing but a passageway. About this fact here are the opinions of our Salaf.Ali (R) described this life in these words: "Its allowed aspects lead to being reckoned and its forbidden aspects lead to the Fire."Al-Hasan said: "O son of Adam! Life is only days, so if your day passes, your life becomes shorter.Al-Hasan Al-Basari said about this life: "I am amazed at those who were order to take provisions (fear from Allah) and were told that the journey will commence soon (to the Hereafter), yet they play." Product Attributes:: Subtitle: Author: Abdul Malik Al-Qasim Binding: Paperback Pages: 80 Size in inches: 5.5x8 Size in CM: 14x20