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Life in Al-Barzakh - From Death till Resurrection


Here is one of the most popular books that provides details on life after death and describes 'The Inevitable Journey'. Right from the moment of death to the soul's trip to the heavens and back to the grave, this book describes the journey from an Islamic standpoint. Many important matters which have always puzzled the human mind have been dealt with in this book. The approach to these clear explanations has been through the authentic Texts from the Quran and the Hadith  of His Messenger's Sunnah.

Among the subjects covered are the following:

  • The Moment of Death

  • The Soul's Trip to the Heavens

  • The Final Test

  • The Righteous and the Sinful in al-Barzakh

  • Saviors from the Grave's Punishment

  • Communications with al-Barzakh

  • Things That Benefit the Dead

A must have knowledge for everyone! Quantities are limited. Ships from the USA.

 life after death in Islam


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